Common Property & Lots

Community Titles for Property in Adelaide

A community title divides land into lots and common property. There are two types of community title:

• community strata scheme
• community scheme.

We organise community titles for South Australian properties. This title divides the land into lots and common property. There are two types of Community Titles: Community Strata Scheme and Community Scheme. Unlike Torrens Titles, each property in the group may share ‘common property’. For example, a common roadway into the development, shared property where the letterboxes are built or an easement running through a ‘common’ section. It’s the division of land into at least two lots.

Common property is described as land set aside for the use and enjoyment of owners of the community lots. This property can then be used in any way you imagine – a swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling green, golfing, a boat marina or anything else you envision.

Regarding the exclusive right of occupation of common property, this is determined by one of two ways: by laws or lease. We’ll go through the best way to structure it for your project.

row of houses for division

The importance of a Community Title

Community Titles are designed to provide additional versatility to create and register any form of development – that can then be signed off under the State’s planning laws.

It’s similar to a Strata Title, however, it’s not as stressful to administrate. The Strata Title also has more limitations that come with that style of development. Community Titles are suited to all ages and families.

Our support covers community strata schemes, community schemes, easements, amalgamation, and lease. Every subdivision is different and presents its own opportunities and complications. It’s best to partner with a team who’s experienced in all types of land developments.

Our complete subdivision management service will take care of everything. Take the hassle and stress out of it, and contact one of our title specialists today on 0408 801 141. Hire your own land development team in Adelaide today.