Adelaide Strata & Community Management Services

    From community strata schemes to urban planning, trust Stock Land Division to service all your needs

    We strive to represent our clients in a way that ensures timely completion of tasks and outcome oriented project planning.

    We work with a range of clients including: mums and dads, planners, conveyancers, builders, architects and developers. Stock Land Division guides our clients through the correct processes with the local authorities to ensure that their project is hassle free.

    We provide the following services:

    site development planning Adelaide

    Project Planning

    We are very familiar with the process and efficient at getting the job done, we regularly work with various contractors and manage the completion of subdivision conditions in addition to obtaining clearances from service agencies. If you don't have the time, or want to take the stress out of your subdivision project, we can take care of everything for you. Read more about our project planning expertise and help fast-track your subdivision project.

    land division Adelaide

    Land Surveying

    Stock Land Division provides licensed land surveying services for the subdivision of land in Adelaide, the surrounding suburbs, throughout the Adelaide Hills, Aldinga Beach in southern Adelaide and across the state of South Australia. We have provided experienced services for everyone from commercial and residential developers to conveyancers, real estate agents and government agencies. Discuss your property division needs with licensed land surveyor Cameron Stock today.


    Urban Planning

    We offer an in house urban planner to provide a comprehensive urban planning service. Among the services we offer are:

    • feasibility
    • planning and building applications
    • Non-complying applications
    • statements of effect
    • change of use
    • objections

    • land division
    • representation
    • planning appeal
    • expert witness
    • advice

    Torrens title land Adelaide

    Torrens Titles

    A Torrens title is a single certificate of title for an allotment of land. It is the most common type of title in South Australia. All transactions - e.g. transfers of ownerships, are registered on the certificate of title.
    The Torrens title certificate shows:
    • details of who currently owns the property
    • any easements - e.g. for water pipes, registered on the property
    • any encumbrances - e.g. mortgages, registered on the property
    • the title's unique reference details - e.g. volume and folio numbers


    Community Titles

    A community title divides land into lots and common property. There are two types of community title:

    • community strata scheme
    • community scheme.


    Community Strata Schemes

    The boundaries for each lot in a community strata scheme are defined by the buildings and structures - eg carports. It is similar to a strata title but the buildings themselves are considered to be common property. The community corporation is responsible for the insurance and maintenance of the buildings.


    Community Schemes

    The boundaries for each lot in a community scheme are defined by surveyed land measurements. They are unlimited in height and depth unless otherwise specified. The owner of each lot is responsible for the maintenance and insurance of any building on their lot. They have no obligations for the maintenance or upkeep of any other building. The community corporation is responsible for insuring any buildings or structures in common areas.



    A right attached to the ownership of land (the dominant land or tenement) to utilise other land which is usually held by a different person (the servient land or tenement) in such a way as to benefit the dominant tenement. Examples include a right of way, or an easement for drainage or water supply.



    The process of joining two plots of land on two different titles into one plot and one title.



    The grant by one person (the lessor or landlord) to another (the lessee or tenant) of a right to the exclusive possession of a defined portion of land for a term which is either of a certain duration or a duration which is capable of being ascertained at the commencement of the term. Rent is usually paid by the lessee, although this is not essential. The word lease is used also to describe the instrument embodying the agreement between the parties.

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