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Torrens title land ensures the subdivision of your property is completed and submitted successfully

When you require a specialist in Adelaide to assist you with a land division service, call Stock Land Division for expert advice and service. If you’re considering subdivision, we will assist you from the design concept and all the way to the Land Titles Office. We personalise the feasibility of your project, and advise you of your options such as Torrens or community title. We provide itemised costs for the entire project.

What is a Torrens Title?

This is a single certificate of title for an allotment of land. In South Australia, it’s the most popular title. When it comes to the transfer of ownership, all transactions are registered on this certificate.

It outlines:

Details of who currently owns the property

Easements – eg for water pipes, registered on the property

Encumbrances – eg mortgages, registered on the property

The title’s unique reference details – for example, volume and folio numbers.

The Lands Titles Office is responsible for these records. Possible buyer can check

torrens title for land

These documents via SAILIS. Being an extremely important part of any land
ownership, it’s important to get everything right. This is where we come in.
Our main object is to make sure your records are conclusive. Being listed in the title register, you become the owner of the property to the exclusion of all others. A certificate exists for every separate piece of land. Get yours organised by us to avoid dispute litigation and reduce the costs of land sale and transfer.

If you’re looking for expert advice and service, contact us on 0408 801 141. Our
licensed land dividers will assist you with the design concept all the way through to the Land Titles Office. This includes determining the feasibility of your  project and let you know what your options are – such as Torrens or Community Title. We’ll provide you with an itemised cost list for the entire project. Need us to prepare and submit your land title so everything’s correct?

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Make an appointment with Cameron of Stock Land Division today and ensure your land title is prepared and submitted accurately and successfully. Call us in Adelaide on 0408 801 141 or contact us online.

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