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With any residential or commercial land subdivision project, you’ll need qualified and experienced land surveyors to map out and verify established land boundaries. Stock Land Division provides licensed expertise in Adelaide. For over 15 years we have provided land surveying services for residential, commercial and government (local and state) developments across South Australia.

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They say every great journey begins with one step. Every land development and division, also, begins with a land survey.  At Stock Land Division we take our job very seriously & very passionately. We have been measuring land for South Australians for more than 15 years. Our fully qualified and experienced land surveyors regularly work with residential, commercial and governmental properties. Employing the latest technology and equipment, we are able to survey and measure all sorts of land in all sorts of situations. We can assist with the verification of established land boundaries and the mapping of new ones. We are exacting and honorable in the execution of our professional skills.


Surveying land has been a feature of humanity for thousands of years. The Ancient Romans brought the art of it to a new level of professionalism. They understood that defining property was essential to the running of an Empire; you cannot tax lands correctly without knowing their exact measurement. The Domesday Book in England, in 1086, included the area of land owned by all its inhabitants on a register, for William the Conqueror and his descendants to administer. Land is merely an idea, before it is surveyed to become legally defined property, with boundaries to be adhered to. Surveyors have been performing this important role in every kingdom, country and state down through the ages. Stock Land Division is a proud bearer of this responsibility and tradition in Adelaide and South Australia.

Land Surveys

Stock Land Division has built our reputation on delivering accurate results for our clients, in conjunction with our comprehensive subdivision management service. Precision backed up by our complete commitment to customer service in every aspect of your project. Our professionalism is always on hand for our clients, to assist them in their divisions and developments. We are there for you throughout the process, every step of the way, from land survey to successful outcome. We understand that time is money for many in this game; and we cut through the red tape to reach the finish line ahead. Call Cameron Stock to discuss your next project now.

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Surveying Land Cost

The cost of surveying your property can be influenced by a number of determinates. Basically, time spent, and effort required are the main things to be considered. Site accessibility can impact upon costs; are there physical challenges involved in the surveying of your land? Remote properties can present greater expense to the surveyor for the time and travel involved. Property transaction records, are these available and clear in their descriptions? Regularity of land shape and size can be a factor in the cost of surveying land. Density of onsite foliage affecting the process itself, can be another contributor to increased cost. Likewise measuring mountainous terrain is usually more expensive than flat terrain. If your project requires sectionalised surveys, then, this involves a greater workload. The land and its historical records are the defining determinates in the pricing of your land.

Land Title Boundary Check

Your land title boundary confirmation can be affected by the amount of evidence remaining from previous registered cadastral surveyors. This historical evidence available in the Land Services and Lands Titles Office will impact upon your boundary check. At Stock Land Division we encourage clients to get the job done properly, to avoid having to redo the check based on insufficient legal survey evidence in place from previous surveys done on the cheap. Cadastral defines land ownership, measurement and the delineation of property boundaries. Only licensed professionals are allowed to perform boundary surveys in South Australia.

When You Need a Licensed Surveyor

You will require the services of a professional land surveyor, when you wish to identify and mark out the existing property boundaries via Identification for construction or fencing projects. In addition, you will require land surveying for the preparation and certification of planning for amalgamations and land divisions. Plus, when you want to create an easement, or identify the location of an easement. At Stock Land Division we make these complex processes easier for our clients. Our experience and expertise are in your corner throughout the process. Call us now to discuss your specific requirements in Adelaide and South Australia.

Permanent Survey Marks

Permanent Survey Marks (PSMs) are the salient reference markers positioned by surveyors. These points assist all South Australians, by providing obvious restoration of property boundaries and reduce costs for developments in the future. It is illegal to disturb, shift or destroy a PSM, and hefty fines of up to $2000 per PSM are enforceable. PSMs, in the Adelaide metro area, are made of concrete with a brass plate, and located below ground level. In rural South Australia, PSMs are marked with a blue star dropper and a red indicator plate. In the Riverland, PSMs are located on concrete pillars, around 400mm above ground.

FAQs about the Surveying Profession

Do surveyors undergo training and education to achieve their registration? Yes, it is taught at UniSA and can be approached via an undergraduate or postgraduate pathway to the degree. The Undergraduate Degree is 3 years full time and titled Graduate Geospatial. Below this a Diploma of Surveying is 12 months full time and results in being a Technical Officer or CAD Draftsperson. A Graduate completes a Master of Surveying, which is a 2- year full time course. Practical experience, of at least 2-years, under the guidance of a licensed professional, can be another pathway via a Professional Training Agreement. Names and pathways have changed over the years, but the training and education requirements have only become more rigorous.

Can I make a complaint against my surveyor?

Complaints to the Surveyors Board SA can only be made against registered or licensed surveyors. The Board can investigate complaints about unprofessional conduct, such as non-compliance with regulations or improper or incompetent conduct.

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